MOTUL 300V 5W30 5W40 Engine Oil Service Package: Mercedes Benz C180 W204 (7L)

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MOTUL 300V Service Package (100% Authentic MOTUL, 100% Genuine Original Filters).

Please contact us for an appointment to avoid disappointment. 😁

Pricing at $258 (Engine Oil & Oil Filter) up to 7L engine oil depending on car make and model. Additional $30/ 1L or part thereof.

100% Genuine Original Filters Only For Japanese & Korean makes.

100% Genuine Original Filters / OEM Filters Available For Continental makes.

MOTUL 300V 100% Synthetic ESTER Core engine oil available in 0W20, 5W30, 5W40, 10W40, 15W50 and 20W60.

We also provide: Aircon Service & Flush (R134a R1234yf), Walnut Blasting Clean Service.

Engine Oil:
-MOTUL 300V 0W20, 5W30, 5W40, 10W40, 15W50 and 20W60.
-MOTUL 8100 X-cess Gen 2 5W40
-MOTUL X-Clean EFE 5W30
-MOTUL H-Tech 100 Plus 0W20

Transmission Fluids: MOTUL Multi ATF / Motul Multi DCTF / Motul FF LSD Type 2 75W90 / ZF 6 ZF8 for BMW / Honda Ultra HCF-2 CVT / Honda ATF Ultra DW-1 / Toyota ATF WS / Mercedes Benz FE 236.14 236.15 / BMW ZF Lifeguard 6 8.

Brake Fluids: MOTUL Racing Brake Fluid RBF660 / BREMBO DOT 4 LV

Coolants: MOTUL Coolant Autocool Optimal / BMW Coolant / Mercedes Coolant / Toyota Super Long Life Coolant / Honda Type 2 Long Life Coolant.

MOTUL Radiator Additive MoCool.

MOTUL Engine Clean.

MOTUL Fuel System Clean.

MOTUL Diesel System Clean.

LIQUI MOLY Catalytic System Cleaner


Brake Kit & Consumables: Brembo Racing High Performance B-M / GT-R / GT-S / GT / Brembo Xtra / Brembo Max.

Intercooler & Intake: Wagner Tuning, K&N, HKS.

In-Car Dash Cameras: IROAD X5 / X9 / X10 / Power Pack.

Sport Rims: Forged & Cast - ROTIFORM / Niche, etc.

Batteries: VARTA / SAIL.

Exhaust Systems: HKS / MUGEN / REMUS / AKRAPOVIC.

Suspension Systems: Bilstein / KW / HKS / Original / OEM.1